Thursday, December 13, 2012

Things That I Want: Baroque Romantique- Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2012 - 13

Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2012-13
I think that when it comes to dating, we want our significant other to make us feel like, we're the only one they see and pretty much the only person that will make them happy. Eventhough that the jaded part of us would say Hell No! That's why we want the biggest rock or the rarest stone on our rings. I chose a black diamond not because of the rare qualities but of course what it looks like. Not because of the popular belief that it reflects ones heart. I guess being in a serious relationship does change a lot of things . . . like taking things . . . more seriously. I know "Gasp!". The other day a friend made a comment saying that she doesn't really know how I do a long distance relationship. I told her, it's not for everybody and two, I told her there will come in our lives that we learn how to prioritize and finally think what are the important things in our lives.

So, as one of the coveted pieces for fall/winter 2012, As envisioned by the wonder duo Dolce & Gabbana. I love how they brought Baroque with a modern twist. Of course, when I saw the show for the first time I was quite skeptical, since the collection was way too rich and quite opulent to be wearable but I'm not saying that the collection was a dud. As the matter of fact I quite enjoyed it. I love opulence and excess. I always believe that life would be so boring without a touch of fantasy. 

The brocade and embroidered pieces are just awe inspiring and quite beautiful to say the least. It is romantic. As putting my two cents in for my yearly family portrait. I will be suggesting black and gold. I'm quite excited really. Guess what I'll be wearing? I'm absolutely in-love with this crew neck sweater with the intricate embroidery! The jumper is on sale from $10,300 to $7,210 what a bargain! hashtag smiley face. 

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