Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This Town - Jordan & Zac Stenmark by Nacho Alegre

Sunday marked the end of my fashion show cycle. I know it came and went. San Francisco fashion week was great and my mini review for the collections from the ready to wear and avante garde/couture shows will go live in the next couple of days. I thought the shows' production were a lot tighter this year and included some stand out pieces and collections.

Last night, while reading an article from New York times about front row etiquette. The article amused nay cracked me up that if it was a check list, all of them would be checked for how many "offenders" were there over the weekend. Then again I guess that's how you would spot the newbies from the seasoned as pointed out by the article. No disrespect intended.

The weather on the other hand has been great, even reached the 90's yesterday. Nights like yesterday I wished that New York/ES was here so we can go up Twin Peaks and just sort of hang out there and check out the city's skyline at night. I know very sentimental, right? It makes me sick.

Today we have an editorial that appeared on the newest issue of Hercules magazine.Twins,  Jordan and Zac Stenmark were lensed by Nacho Alegre with the styling of David Vivirido. The were styled with Fall/Winter essentials by Kenzo, Givenchy, Balmain, and Ami to name a handful.

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