Thursday, October 4, 2012

Runway Report: San Francisco Fashion Week - Avant Garde/Couture

Oh finally, it has dramatically cooled down yesterday. It was still a great day without the constant fanning of my shirt or what not. I would like to say that I was not one of those who complained about the heat but I was. One thing though, I had a great night's sleep thanks to centralized air conditioning at my house. I'm glad that I'm finally getting some form of semblance of my old routine. All after the craziness of fashion weeks, new job, and old-new relationship.

Since this was my last post for the final night of my San Francisco fashion week coverage. I thought I did pretty good of not comparing New York and San Francisco which I have done in the past. Yay me. Keept an open mind and no expectations with the shows also helped me enjoy the shows.

It's about time! Only took four seasons at NYFW.

Here was the final night of SFFW with the Avant Garde/Couture collections.

La Bete by Jeniffer Ly

Flowy hooded tunics and see thru pants, gave an illusion of arabian nights. It was both romantic and gritty. I thought it was fitting that the soundtrack was Bad Girls by M.I.A.
Artful Gentleman

Great suits with great modern fit and cuts. I love that all of the suits were youthful for the younger professionals. These were not your dad's suits for sure, or mine. The styling was great but since I'm not a big pocket squares kind of guy I thought the messy squares were well messy and almost clownish. Other than that, the styling was great. I love the little pop of colors.


Beautiful dresses that evoked a rather russian to me. Some of the dresses/coats were too sophisticated/mumsy to be worn by a younger woman but the collection was rather great. I especially adored the two tier gold dress. I thought it was sharp.

Van Der Neer: The 11th Dimension

When I was starting to wonder if there was actually an avant garde collection that night, Van Der Neer  happened. It was definitely interesting. Alien and almost fighter woman. There were actually pieces that were wearable and some for "artistic" value. Didn't really like the crotch straps. Yikes.

Scott Ian McFarland

Knits, knits and more knits. I was coughing from lint after the show. Just kidding. There were some great bulky sweaters and cardigans that were quite "Monet" (look up it looks like a monet) sweaters interlaced with . . . well lace and There was the grey sweater with the silk and the way the silk were poking out gave the sweater unintentional(?) spikes that I love. The styling was very clockwork orange on more acid if that's possible.

Camelia Skikos

My favorite from last year's SF fashion week comes back with another great collection. I'm in love with the very minimalist and structural aesthetic of her collection. It was modern and very wearable. I love the pieces with the leather shoulder details and the blue/green/red pieces.

Definitely saved the best for last.

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