Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, Sandy! - Garrett Neff by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack

What a busy, crazy and yet fun weekend! Begun with a laid back Friday consisted of dinner with my sister, helping with her Halloween costume and accessorizing her as a Greek Goddess. A backyard brunch with the parental unit on Saturday and finishing up the night going as a mouse for a Halloween party that night back in SF. I know, I know not that creative but it was a nod to the Mean Girls movie. Like I said from my previous posts, I didn't really had the time last week to prepare for the weekend festivities.

As you might have heard, The Giants won the World Series Sunday night and thus fans took it to the streets to celebrate. I mean I'm all about the celebration but trashing my neighborhood was not cool. I won't be surprised if half of those people don't even live in San Francisco. The craziness went as far as destroying a bus and lighting things on fire. I mean come on people where do you think you are? Oakland? All kidding aside, So the Giants won, great but that doesn't warrant for these individuals to destroy property.

On the other side of the country, Hurricane Sandy was wrecking havoc in NYC. I had NYC/ES to update me and make sure that everything was fine. From the pictures (not including the fake ones) it looked like Sandy made a mess in Manhattan. This was probably the second time I'll be heading to New York after a big storm. My luck right?

In today's editorial post we have top model Garrett Neff as he appeared on the latest issue of Glow magazine. The cover story was styled by CANNON and shot by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack. With Manhattan as the backdrop, (pre-Sandy), Neff showed off some skin and styled in pieces by Dior Homme, Burberry Prorsum, Rochambeau and John Varvatos to name a few.

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