Friday, October 5, 2012

Think Of Me - Janis Ancens by Adriano Russo

Letting a person down who had opened themselves to you will always be hard. It doesn't mean it would be forever nor did I regret the times we shared but I would rather break someone's heart than to lie to them. I just had to trust my heart and be with New York/ES. As hard as it was. Second time, I hope, would be a charm. It just sucked to see that gross disappointment on their face. I feel that every time you break somebody's heart you break a piece of yours. 

. . . then we move on.

Well have good weekend, my fashionistos and fashionistas. San Francisco will be buzzing with events , and the biggest of them all would be fleet week, I know a good number of people coming to the city to watch The Blue Angels.

In today's editorial we have Janis Ancens as he appeared on the editorial for GQ Italia's October issue. Adriano Russo photographed Ancens with the help of Peter Cardona's styling for this military inspired project. Some of the designers featured on this editorial were pieces from Burberry Prorsum and Dior Homme. 

Of course, this will be one of my weaknesses, military inspired pieces. I just loved it.

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Kiiiim said...

Hey Lex!

Great chatting with you this past weekend. I'm loving your editorial reviews and your reviews for this past weekend. You didn't have a "follow" button, so I'm following you via twitter.