Friday, October 12, 2012

Things That I Want: Stars And Lunch Bags - Givenchy & Jil Sander

This week was no different from last week, it has been busy and hectic. Work and social responsibilities alike. So it was no surprise for me that I'm sooo glad today's Friday. It will be a busy weekend for me, but at least I could sleep in for a couple of days.

Givenchy & Jil Sander FW 2012
Yesterday, I received a package from New York/ES a Dior Homme necklace. I thought to myself, I know this was not one of the reasons that I'm with this person but it definitely was a perk to get gifts just because . . . or was it. dun dun dun.

Tonight I would be attending a sing-a-long showing of The Little Mermaid with a group of my friends. I know a little weird but for some reason I'm excited. There was also a chance that we would also be attending a Masquerade party as well. I kept forgetting that Halloween's just around the corner and I don't have ANY idea what I would be for the parties I got invited to.

It has been a while since I posted a Things That I Want post so might as well start this week. Two of the things that I really wanted this fall were the Givenchy star earrings and the Jil Sander leather lunch bag. It has been no secret that I'm obsessed with Riccardo Tisci as much as Kris Van Assche. I don't know I just love how he managed to marry high fashion with street wear, effortlessly.

Sure I'm still not fully sold with the whole stars and stripes pieces of the Fall/Winter 2012 collection but  I thought since there was no way that I would be able to purchase the horn earrings, I would settle with the nice star earrings. The septum jewelry were great statement pieces because they just totally reminded me of the Silence of the Lambs cover but it looked like it would be annoying to wear. Besides I love the attention that statement pieces gives me but not that much attention. The earrings retail for $520 each.

The second piece that I've been coveting this couple of months was the Jil Sander leather "paper bag/lunch bag" handbag. I've seen these before manufactured from a small leather company in Spain if I'm not mistaken but it was made of a different leather. Jil Sander had two types of these bags the waxed paper that looked like that would crinkle through time/use and the one that I wanted that was made of calf leather. I thought this was the perfect size to bring with me if I'm not in the mood to bring a big man bag. Besides the only constant things that I put in any of my bags were my wallet, iPhone, lip protectant, and keys. I don't need an Hermes birkin for those. I could but I don't have to. Besides that I love the quirky idea that it looked like a lunch bag. I mean this is definitely a buy already for me rather than a want. The bag retails for $630.

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