Monday, October 8, 2012

Runway Monday: Point Of No Return - Lanvin Spring/Summer 2013 Review

I'm pretty sure that everybody had been in a moment where everything seemed to just pointed you to a direction and you just follow that certain feeling, blindly. A point of no return of sorts. I know it seemed a little selfish but Carpe diem, mes amis! You can always regret it later. Alright, maybe this was not for everybody but it was for me. Besides it was the weekend! Everybody was just having fun.

The thing was, that nagging feeling came to me or more like one of my bestfriend saying this morning, "it was all fun and games till somebody got hurt." Sigh, we are young and we all only live once.

In today's runway review, we have the Lanvin collection. As we saw from other shows for next year's Spring/Summer seasons, we had been presented for a more modern/futuristic themes. It didn't mean shiny and metallics (eventhough the collection went there) but more of the feel; cold and precise. clean lines and leather paraded the runway as Alber Elbaz envisioned the Lanvin man on an excursion to tomorrow. The color story for the most part was very monochramatic with a very limited pop of colors on a handful of pieces. The collection maybe somewhat dark but with the help of the flowy high-waisted pants created texture and movement that we come to expect from the warmer seasons' clothing. A good number of mesh pieces gave the collection a feeling of lightness to it, as well. I love that the pants were paired with skinny belts and the outerwear a bit oversized. My least favorite pieces were the one one that were more dandier than the rest. Especially the flowery pieces which I thought was a bit too much.

Overall I loved the collection, A great transition from what was the usual dandy Lanvin man. I almost didn't recognize him!

Have a great Monday, my fashionistos and fashionistas!

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