Wednesday, October 17, 2012

MMM . . . HM? New York! - Sean O'Pry by Michael Schwartz

It's official! I'm heading back to New York for a big ginormous event in November. Details to follow. I'm excited not only because I get to attend the said event but I get to see New York/ES . . . okay fine I'm talking about the person and the city. Yep, when I heard the news I forgot everything else namely Halloween events or how infuriating it is to my credit card to maintain my car. I'm bypassing everything and planning my trip to New York instead.

So. Excited. I can't contain myself.

Oh yeah, Happy Hump Day!

In today's editorial post, we have top male model, Sean O'Pry as he lands the cover of the fall/winter issue of Black Magazine. The cover story, shot by Michael Schwartz and with the styling of Marcell Rocha features the cutest dog. I mean we've seen the cover with Tom Brady and the doberman for VMan. That dog looks scary. I'm not sure if it was their intention to have this supposedly mean looking giant of a dog that turns out to be the most adorable one, ever. Regardless, I love the over the top fashion looks sported on the editorial. Especially the Versace leather jacket and the Mugler parka.

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