Monday, October 15, 2012

Runway Monday: Part Of That World - Kris Van Assche Spring/Summer 2013 Review

Last Friday I noticed something weird, my counter for my page views was missing. I thought it was just a glitch on the page. So I didn't really think any of it since the history still said I had 100,000 + views which would be the right number. So I was dumbfounded to see that yesterday, I merely had less than 100 views. I hope Blogger fixes this, because I WANT MY ACTUAL PAGEVIEWS BACK!

My weekend was very relaxing. On Friday, I took my sister to my go-to fabric store by my house for the period gown she was designing. Then went with my friends to a sing-a-long showing of The Little Mermaid. That was interesting and fun. Let's just say that singing on top of my lungs with the rest of the crowd was a little less embarrassing liberating. I should do it more often or not.

It was not all that crazy which was a nice break compared to my last few weeks. Well, I couldn't really speak for New York/ES since at around 5pm my time I received an inhibited call. I found it amusing to have a conversation of sorts with a semi-drunk person. You'll never know what they would say. It can be a riot, really.

Well another Monday, my fashionistos and fashionistas. Have a great week.

For this week's runway review we have one of my favorite designer's collection for the Spring/Summer 2013, Kris Van Assche. Not a complete departure from his uber-minimalist designs but it was rather toned down to what seemed like the bare necessities. The details were all on the pleating and pocket flaps and of course the short over long sleeve details on most of the upper garments. The color story like the designs were very primary with a few exceptions of variants in red and the argyle-esque pieces.  The double sleeved button downs were my favorite and the non-belted pleated shorts were nice as well. I also love that the looks were paired of with black utility boots that gave the collection a psuedo worksman/slight crisp military feel to the collection. The interesting elasticized pants were not my favorite but definitely accentuated the utilitarian aesthetic of the collection. I may be a little (just a little?) biased that I adore Kris Van Assche but I would definitely be sporting more than one of the looks on his collection come next year.

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