Monday, October 22, 2012

Runway Monday: Whenever I'm Alone With You - Mugler Spring/Summer 2013 Review

It is down to the wire and guess what? I still don't have a costume for the Halloween weekend. I know, I know I still have five days before the adult halloween parties happening this weekend. Last year I had three costumes but this year, nada. I'm just not that into it this year. Which is surprising, to me, really. The fact that my New York trip comes after Halloween might have something to do with it. I'm just excited to see my New York/ES. It's a good thing that our visiting trips got switched since there might be a chance that a sudden change with my holiday plans. hashtag long distance relationship.

Another crazy, hectic work week. Have a great Monday my fashionistos and fashionistas.

In today's runway review we have Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremmer's collection for Mugler. Both designers are known for their avant garde-ism with their collections. Eventhough that this collection still exemplifies that, the collection remains wearable . . . in most aspects of the word. The theme of the collection still remains futuristic minimalist. The color story remains primary and airy like the collection. Most of the garments features the keyhole cut outs that creates these rather interesting shapes and silhouettes to a somewhat basic spring/summer menswear staples. I'm a big fan of the panel shirts with the low cut blazers. The suits are sharp and luxe. Of course, not everybody can wear them but I guess that everything else in fashion.  Eventhough that I found it humorous that the duo decided to include a nod to a classic of the yesteryears like probably the time of our dads and moms; the cut offs. I'm not a big fan. Then again I'm not a super big fan of super short shorts for men. mid thigh sure but trunks/square pants high? Nope unless they're swimwear. Another thing that I'm a little confused is with the bulkiness and almost cocoon-like aspect of the outerwear pieces, it is a Spring/Summer  collection. Overall, the offering is interesting and with the right styling could have a great potential to be highly editorial. 

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