Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Runway Report: San Francisco Fashion Week - Ready To Wear

Okay, it was official a few days ago, people of San Francisco, Indian Summer came right on schedule. Another hot day today, not like I was complaining or anything (I was) since it was actually raining in New York . . . yep New York/ES wont shut up about it. Sure, it was kind of weird that I'm still dressed with my summer clothes but nothing new there. San Franciscans do not get seasons at all.

Yesterday, while enjoying a few nice cold beer with friends at this bar in the Mission with a great patio, my friend asked me if New York/ES was coming to visit or vice versa. To be honest, I haven't really thought that far yet. Well, ultimately the answer would be yes. We just haven't talked about the details yet. Knowing myself and New York/ES we would wait the last second to book our flights.

Today we have the shows from the last Saturday. Ready to wear collections.

Alyssa Nicole

Opened the night with dresses that were flirty and adorned with lace that I liked. Especially with the one that looked like a boyfriend shirt dress. I didn't really respond well with the peplum dresses since they sorta just hanged there. Same with the pussy bow shirts. The collection wasn't bad it was just some  of the pieces lacked movement. So it was quite nice when the flowy dress came out.

GreenBlackDress by Anna Lindel

A simple collection that featured a lot of knee length dresses that were too conservative for my taste. I thought that with better styling it would have made a different impact. Since my favorite dresses were the one that looked like amish dresses. I liked the pop of colors here and there.

Inlush by Biviana Lazo

To say that it was a vibrant collection would be an understatement. Interesting prints on the satin dresses. The dresses were cute but not everybody can wear those. My favorite was the close neck long sleeved purple dress with the black tiger? print.

Mere by Leslie Foley

Quite a utilitarian collection, it was. I loved the color story of cement grays, whites and black. It was simple and chic. The back cut outs were kind of cute. I thought it was very San Franciscan.
Rstate San Francscio

The urban dapper that consisted of rugged outerwear paired with jeans and killer boots.  The styling was on point and love the little whimsy touch of the bowties. I really liked that red checkered jacket! I love that it featured short coats that would be perfect for those cold mornings in San Francisco.

Ray Oliver

This was an interesting collection. The plush jersey fleece pieces with the knots on the front reminded me of a snuggy. As a collection I was a little confused since they were just pieces I thought. I didn't go to fashion school but the whole collection reminded me of a project. The blue dress with the tulle could have been great but it felt unfinished. There was also that grey tube dress that the model could barely walked in. I mean why?! It made me sad inside. The high point of this collection was not a piece but the "Vogueing"of a model down the runway.

Alright the Avant Garde/Couture collections coming soon.

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