Thursday, August 30, 2012

Single Man - Eian Scully by Greg Vaughan

I know I had a Carrie moment the other night when, my ex New York/ES gave me a call. What seemed to be a harmless "how are you? / where are you staying for New York Fashion Week, stay with me" call turned to a "why did we break up? / no it wasn't you, it was me" dramaganza. I really wish I can say that it didn't really affected me but it did got me questioning my judgement. I really thought I was over New York but sure enough I was back on page one every time my cell rang with that New York number. Vicious cycle, I tell ya. I know, I know not fair to the one I'm sorta-kinda seeing right now but it does show how fragile the situation was.

The life of a bachelor.

In today's editorial, we have the amazing Eian Scully as photographed by Greg Vaughan. A Single Man appeared on the pages of Haute Living released this month. The editorial was styled by Gregory Wein with lush and rich suit pieces by Dolce & Gabbana, and Tom Ford to name two. I'm really happy for him for booking all this great jobs lately.

The Irony, really.

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