Saturday, September 1, 2012

Royally Yours - Alfred Kovac by Ivan Muselli

The last conversation I had with one of my very, very good friend last night was love. This was why I usually have a wall up. I personally don't like when multiple people tug on my "sentimental" chords. All your fault, New York/ES. All kidding aside, my anxiety/stress level was on an all time high this pass couple of weeks. New job, New York Fashion Week, people resurfacing? Yes, Definitely. I'm just glad that we have a pretty long weekend this week, Labor Day weekend. Before the craziness that's NYFW begins I have time to breath, just breath.

Have a great weekend, my fashionistos and fashionsitas.

We close the week with this editorial entitled "The Heir" that appeared on the latest issue of DSection magazine. This decadent editorial was styled by Giuseppe Ceccarelli with pieces from the collections with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Prada juxtaposed among great royal-looking jewels. Alfred Kovac was photographed by Ivan Muselli.

I love this editorial for the fact it has great accessories and the accompanying video was so hauntingly beautiful. Poignant and romantic. The video was directed by Antonio Muci.

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