Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anxious - Rick Genest by Nick Lafontaine

It's exactly a month from now that I will be flying to New York for Fashion week! I'm excited! I'm just a little anxious about New York and who I know I will be seeing there. I know minor detail but I guess it has only been roughly two months since we broke up, after all.

There are also a few trade shows that I will be attending on behalf of the company I'm working with. At least it wont be that crazy of a schedule compared to last season's.

Speaking of anxiety, I'm not the only one who seemed to be anxious about my nonchalant nature of things. The person of I'm sorta-kinda seeing seemed to be getting a little anxious that I have not really made any effort to move forward or back off. Well, I'm taking things really slow. No need to rush, I'm not in a hurry.

This is probably a rhetorical question but if someone i.e. myself stopped calling/texting/emailing/social media-ing you doesn't that mean MAYBE I'm not just that into you? I thought that it is simple enough. But I think that it is just weird that some people just don't get social cues.

Oh well, Happy Hump Day!

In today's editorial we have zombie boy, Rich Genest as he appears on the latest issue of AM magazine. The editorial story is shot by Nick Lafontaine and styled by Cristina Acevedo. Genest is outfitted with pieces by Tiger of Sweden, Dsquared2, and Philippe Dubuc. You know you love those Kerin Rose sunglasses too!

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