Monday, July 2, 2012

Runway Monday: Ghetto Fabulous - Frankie Morello Spring/Summer 2013 Review

When talking about Summer, gloom usually does not come to mind but that was our weekend in San Francisco. Foggy, drizzly, dank and muggy would pretty much summarize the weather. That doesn't stop me from enjoying my weekend though. From a dinner at the Velvet Cantina to drinks at Blackbird.  It was an eventful yet tasteful weekend.

One of the interesting question I got asked over the weekend was the fact somebody asked me what I really wanted and was trying to figure me out. Honestly, I don't have relationship-phobia. When the right person comes it will happen. But most the time it would be the right person at the wrong time or vice versa.

Back to the grind and quite a handful of deadlines this week. Let's do this.

Like I said last week, Shiny and metallics galore paraded the runways from both Milan and Paris shows. Not that I'm aversely allergic to shiny things. I tend to like shiny things . . . most of the time. The duo in charge of Frankie Morello brand used some of the metallics in a way that was unique. I've always been a fan of the house eversince I found out about them a few years ago. Okay, their collections tend to have some form of statement and the Spring/Summer 2013 was no different. The duo got their inspiration from Romain Gavras' political protest videos. That would explain the urban feel of the collection.  People who knew me knows that  I have a strong affinity to street art and flat caps. I loved that in this collection, the mesh of both street style and tailored pieces worked together. The color story remained predominantly black with gold and whites here and there. The texture was just amazing from mesh, metallics, lace and boom box prints. Okay sure it would have to be a very special occasion to be able to wear a gold tank with a white buttondown or with baggy shorts for that matter but I absolutely loved it. Even towards the end with tailored jackets matched with the somewhat baggy shorts that also came in lace and sequined. The plethora of choices of different fabrics that made the baseball jackets was definitely refreshing. The hightops I also loved. I absolutely love some of the flat caps and the sunglasses! Sure the collection may come out a little "ghetto fabulous" but as a show I thought the pieces were well constructed and definitely shows craftsmanship and great tailoring.

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