Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In Love With The Idea of Being . . . - Taylor Gannon by Sebastian Mader

Eventhough I had a very busy weekend of being social, I loved every second of it. Unfortunately, it all caught up on me yesterday. I was drained out after work and pretty much crashed. I know, I know it was only Monday but fortunately the next couple of weeks would be short work weeks for me and longer weekends. That means trips and getting out of the city more. I'm getting ahead of myself here, I need to get through this week first.

The funny thing about meeting new people over drinks was that they ask you interesting questions (liquid courage?), like the subject of love on a first date/hang out. Usually, I don't care but I always felt like getting put on a spot but I do try to be honest. That brings us to what my friend told me last night. He believed that I'm in love with the idea of being in love. That might be true or I'm just biding my time. It would not be fair to say I haven't loved in a couple years since I'm practically single for a month and some change. One thing would be true though, I'm interested at someone right now but the question was, where does this person stand?

In today's editorial we have Taylor Gannon as he appeared on the July issue of Interview magazine. The heavily military inspired pieces were put together by stylist, Miguel Enamorado and shot by Sebastian Mader. 

I'm in love with those LV pieces and those boots. I've always wanted to buy riding shoes it would be the matter of where to wear them. I also thought that the Givenchy pieces also looked great after my mixed review of the fall/winter collection. 

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