Thursday, May 2, 2013

Countdown - Elia Cometti, Fabricio Bach & Lucas Mascarini by Ryan Jerome

Everything is set and I'm counting down the days till RIO! I love that lately we've been having some great weather in San Francisco. Too bad that my days are getting booked by work, more work and the gym. I know exciting but that doesn't mean I'm sacrificing my social life. It just means I have to pick and choose carefully which events I attend. I wish I can clone myself so I can do multiple things at once. I know that I should get used to it by now but sometimes as much I love Skyping with the Bubs we feel guilty that we are spending so much time on it rather than letting the other person socialize or do something else. At the same time, I hate that I don't have the Bubs as my +1 to events. It gets old when I have to listen to how great other people's significant other standing next to them while I smile, tilt my head to one side and blink slowly.

My way of rolling my eyes.

I still can't believe it's already May! Rio fashion week just went by and soon enough the menswear Milanese and Parisian circuits will begin.

In today's editorial piece, we have a project shot by photographer, Ryan Jerome, for Glamaholic magazine.  Elia Cometti, Fabricio Bach and Lucas Mascarini frolic at the beach for an Italian Summer inspired shoot. Alba Melendo and Giulia Ferrazzi style the boys with prints and colors by high fashion houses like Frankie Morello, Kenzo, Dirk Bikkemberg, and Hermes to name a few.

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