Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Copacabana - Zhao Lei by Will Davidson

I will make this short because I am TIRED. Yep with capital letters! It has been a while since I traveled somewhere that took longer that nine hours. I thought that six hour layover in New York would be a nice way to go around town for a bit. BAD idea. I almost missed my flight. Eventhough I had a quick jolt of energy seeing the Bubs and driving around a foreign country when I landed in Rio. I couldn't wait till I could go around town but will have to wait.

I don't think it sank in till I went out of the balcony and I could actually see the Cristo Redentor from the distance. I'm actually in Rio de Janeiro! Scratching that out from my bucket list.

I would try to make time to write blog posts throughout the week. Sharing my adventures in Brazil. Tchau!

The editorial post today featured one of the first wave of the Asian super model invasion in the recent years, Zhao Lei. Will Davidson photographed Lei with a picturesque backdrop by the ocean. Grant Woolhead styled the male super model with great summer looks by Dior Homme, Cavali, Hermes and Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few. The editorial story appeared on the latest issue of GQ China.

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