Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Inner Indecisiveness as Wide, as Wavering As The Ocean - Tobias Sorensen by A.P. Kim

I feel like a hipster that I just recently bought into the Lana Del Rey band wagon. I mean I've like her more popular songs in the past but I never really thought about buying her albums. So after listening to a few less popular songs on Youtube, I'm hooked! I just love her voice mixed with her somewhat deep-thought provoking songs. I can't really believe that her voice is not a candle scent yet. Sheesh. On a side note, it's so funny to see old pictures of her blonde and . . . different before she became, well Lana del Rey. 

Speaking of change, my co-worker is wondering wether I ever bend for anybody because she thinks I'm strong headed. Of course, I have. Relationships are all about compromise. The funny thing about dating a model you'd think they'll be more inclined to be fashionable but most of them are all about the basics. That's not me at all. I'm always the one dressed up. That's how I grew up and now that I'm an adult it comes second nature. There are times when I catch myself looking at the mirror when I'm wearing a V-neck shirt with jeans and hi tops (The Bubs' unofficial "uniform") and shake my head in bewilderment. Sometimes it bothers me that I change for the sake of my significant other but I make sure that I don't lose myself completely in the process. These Hi tops are Givenchy! Now if I can only rub high fashion to the Bubs. 

It's Thursday, That's all.

Today we have top model Tobias Sorensen as he grazes the cover and cover story for the newest issue of Essential Homme photographed by A.P. Kim. Terry Lu puts together daytime beach/pool/resort/whatever you wanna call it looks from Versace to Emporio Armani.  White sand beaches . . . soon I will be there. I know this is not shot in Rio but in Mexico. Close enough I guess. 

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