Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tomorrow We Will Run Faster, Old Sport - Elbio Bonsaglio, Diego Fragoso, Simone Bredariol, Casey Taylor, Edward Wilding, & Micah Dix by Jay Schoen

Over the weekend, I got the chance to see The Great Gatsby and I love it. I mean reading it years ago as a young adult, honestly, I didn't quite understand most of the adult themes in the book. I think it is one of those books that as you grow older you discover new things about the story. Seeing it with Baz  Luhrmann vision is great but with a slight or heavy huh?! Why?! WTF?! Technicolor extravaganza that I come to love from his movies. I manage to convince my friends not to see it in 3D this is a tragedy for god sakes and the fact that the 3D glasses wouldn't go with my Goorin Bros Fedora and ensemble. The movie is good and actually great to see it re-imagined.

I really wish people would start to dress up again. I know the dapper "movement" in parts of SF and NYC is alive and well. So I'm thankful for that but I mean dress up. The movie also makes me want to wear my suits, bowties and ties, collar bars and cufflinks again. I've been on my edgy, Givenchy-loving fashionisto lately and I'm actually starting to miss my dandy, blazer wearing bowtie branding self. I literally went home and re-organized my closet and take some of my suit jackets out from their cozy garment bags, old sport.

Home stretch till my vacation! Slowly but surely, I'm getting better, foot wise and head cold, both.

In today's editorial post we have an editorial that appears on the newest issue of Class Of Its Own magazine. Upcoming models, Elbio Bonsaglio, Diego Fragoso, Simone Bredariol, Casey Taylor, Edward Wilding, and Micah Dix are captured by the talented Jay Schoen sporting handsome double-breasted suits, a must-have piece this Summer. Guiliano Deidda styles the boys in these sartorial pieces by Canali, Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Z Zegna, Dolce & Gabbana and Hackett London to name a few. 

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