Saturday, May 11, 2013

No Church In The Wild - Harry Goodwins by Giovanni Squatriti

The weekend is here! I need this to recuperate my feet. So what do I do? I go out with friends till the wee hours of the morning, dancing . . . in leather sneakers. I mean they look nice, but they are far from the most comfortable shoes that I own. Come to think of it, out of all the shoes I own probably two are genuinely comfortable to wear. The others are just fashion statements. hastag fashion problems.

Well as I'm writing this, it's turning out to be a really nice day in the city. I might enjoy it relaxing at the country side by the pool. Well after my early Saturday morning Skype session with the Bubs.

Happy weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas.

We close the week with an editorial that appears on the newest issue of one of my favorite men's fashion magazine, Essential Homme. As the exotic Marrakech as the background, Giovanni Squatriti photographs the English model, Harry Goodwins donning coveted pieces from the Spring/Summer offerings of Givenchy, Versace, Saint Laurent Paris (okay that's weird to type), and Dolce & Gabbana among others. Gioele Panedda did a great job at putting together the looks especially breaking apart the Givenchy looks and mixing it with something else.

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