Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Doing "It" In The Kitchen - Alexandre Cunha, Brad Allen, Diego Fragoso, Kevin Mertens, Nan Fulong, Rich Stinger & Ton Heukels by Marco Falcetta

If I had a weakness it will be in the kitchen. I admit, I'm not one of those guys who could cook. I mean growing up I always had somebody cooking for me be it my Mom, my Father or our house helper. In college, I lived in the fraternity house with a cook, the only one in the University too. Post college, I eat out or pick up something on the way home. Sure, I could get domestic helping out in the kitchen and I've had cooked things following a recipe. I think I was fortunate enough to date people who can actually cook. Was that a subconscious decision of mine to date these individuals? Perhaps. I think that I'm at an age and stage in my life that I had to learn how to cook. I mean if the Bubs and I moved in we had to switch back and forth on the cooking. I mean it would be great to just order take out every night but there was always something special with a home cooked meal. It doesn't help either that the Bubs' a health nut.

One of the reasons I love celebrating Holidays with my family.

Today's editorial post appeared on Homme Style's sixth issue. It featured models Alexandre Cunha, Diego Fragoso, Kevin Mertens, Nan Fulong, Rich Stinger, and Ton Heukels as photographed by Marco Falcetta. Giuseppe Ceccarelli styled the boys with Versace's offerings for the Spring/Sumer 2013.

Sur,e I own a few Versace pieces and sure most of their collections I deemed gotti. But, hey, I loved the pop of colors. Nobody would ever say your outfit was boring. Speaking of Boring, if somebody asked for your opinion on their outfit. Do you lie and tell them you liked it eventhough you didn't? I never did but I think sometimes were surprised with my honesty.Then again if you liked it, then who cares what other people think.

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