Friday, September 14, 2012

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: New York Spring Summer 2013 Report - Day 4 - 5

What a busy week it has been! For some reason it was okay, though. Someone makes it worthwhile. Nobody new but second chances. How in one night have we come so far? that pretty much sums it up. Sad but the happiest three days to end Summer. Fashion, great food, great city, the perfect company. What more can a fashionisto ask for?

On with the petite review of the collections for the busiest days of menswear for New York fashion week.

Alexandere Plokhov

Another great show, my love with the edgy fashion loved the collection. I love the sheer pieces and the interesting silhouettes.

Antonio Azzuolo

Leave it to Azzuolo to mix dandy with edgy pieces. The karate gi looking piece that I have seen from the previous collection. Tailored yet relaxed looks paraded the runway paired with sneakers. Light pastel colors and an interesting print. Not one of my absolute favorite this season but I still love Antonio Azzuolo.

Asher Levine

Edgy, great pops of color and interesting cuts and silhouettes BUT I'm not sure as collection.


Great pop of color. Of course I love the hat and the little details in the collection.

Carlos Campos

Great colors and I like the little star patterns on the clothing? I love. Great pieces with minimalist details that I always loved season after season.

Custo Barcelona

Okay, we've come to expect a Custo barcelona collection to be really colorful and a little busy but there are a lot of great looks.

J Press

Great preppy pieces with an updated more modern twist. slimmer pants and more fitted blazers.


Head designer, Jean Oliveira Baptista had done great things to the brand. Keeping the minimalist aspect of the brand but elevated the brands "fashion" aspect and relevance. Great collection.

Lucio Castro

Casual pieces at its greatest.

Marlon Gobel

OH. EM. GEE. I just love how shiny the collection is. I know metallics are one of the biggest trend on the Milan/Paris shows. I LOVE that pixelated suit. I also love the shiny suits. But hey as an accessory buyer, like I've been saying the little details were the one I see first and I love it.

Mason Sylvester

A lot of chest bearing pieces . . .

Michael Bastian

A lot of yesteryears inspired pieces and skimpier swimwear. But it seems like Michael Bastian can never do wrong. I absolutely love the camo print suit piece. A lot of quirky prints on sweaters that I thought was nice.


Patrick Ervel

Okay, the first thing I notice were those sandals. I know people love it, I'm not a big fan. Other than that, the collection had great pieces but reminded me more of a pre-fall collection because of the more heavier fabrics.

Porsche Design

Public School

The big hit last season gave another great collection. They kept the notes that we loved from their debut for this collection like structured pieces without feeling constraint.

Rad by Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani's collection always had interesting  shapes and silhouettes to his pieces. Of course with his unisex approach it tends to be interesting.

Rag & Bone

I think it was interesting how the brand came to this from what I remember the brand started as. Not necessarily a bad thing but just interesting how laid back the collection was.


Ralph Lauren

Okay I love Ralph Lauren period. I love the whole "Great Gatsby" feel to the suits and the leather pieces.

Robert Geller

Neoprene pieces galore. I like the dip to the dark and easy light pieces.


Another favorite of mine from the accessories/ styling alone.  The silhouette I love and the modern fit and uniqueness of the pieces make Rochambeau a favorite of mine season after season.

Timo Weiland

A slight military/asian inspired pieces, overall a great collection.


An all star cast with great pieces as always. I love the gamut of colors and texture.


I love this collection! Streetwear inspired yet the structure and the shapes were not exaggerated compared to the previous collections.

One more round to conclude NYFW.

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