Thursday, September 27, 2012

Special Report: Dapper Who? - Dapperhood Menswear Styling Network Launch Event

Fashion week wouldn't be complete without the parties . . . I mean networking events. Alright, I was really excited that this year that they had an event where fashionable men of San Francisco were celebrated. I know, I know I'm not going to compare it to New York but alas! I was happy to see that the men of San Francisco stepped up to the occasion!

The party networking event was held at the Rstate store in downtown San Francisco. I've passed the store numerous times but it was my first time to actually step inside the store. I saw a few pieces that I sort of wanted especially the fact that I'm in the market for boots right at the moment.

One of the featured companies tonight was The Tie Society which was like a Netflix for ties. I thought it was an interesting idea since, honestly, why do only women have these rent-a-purse/shoes companies? Another person that I spoke to was a jewelry designer that has the potential to be big. Sure this sounded like the buyer side of me was talking but I do love his bracelets.

ANYWAY, here were some of the looks that I love from last night.

  • The first guy (left) had this interesting details on his jacket 
  • I love the print shirts and the pop of color on our second and third guys
  • fourth guy had a great YSL pin that I so want!
  • Last guy had this Jack Spade backpack that I thought was very reminiscent of the Louis Vuitton backpack that I wanted

  • I love the undeniable cool of the first guy from his shirt to his shoes
  • Love the shirt, love the bag on the second
  • Great colorful sweater/bowtie combo and the guy on the plaid jacket is an accessory designer that I love
  • classically dapper, he looked so well put together. 

  • I love this color combination A LOT
  • Probably the most interesting trio of the night
  • *Sigh*  Prep-erfection on the pink shirt and bowtie
  • I really love the way this guy incorporated the military inspired aesthetic
  • The brave man with the three piece suit

and of course the last and but not the least . . .

  • I was wearing my vintage fedora, Dior wrap, My black studded Givenchy sleeveless shirt, Zara khaki shorts, black socks and my Generic Man/Comme des Garcons brogues the look inspired by my current obsession, Robert Geller.
  • Thanks to Owen Geronimo for the photo of myself
That's it for today.

Next stop the runway shows. 

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