Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cherry On Top - Simone Nobili, Cris Grib, Riccardo Mora, Alessandro Mele, Fabio Mancini & Samuele Visentin by Giovanni Squatriti

You know that feeling when everything seemed to fall into place? I guess one can call it as having a moment. I was just getting off from the commuter train back to the city and one of my favorite songs came up on my iPhone. The sky also had this really beautiful red hue to it, completed by a rainbow. If you have friends living in San Francisco you probably saw them posting it on facebook, instagram or twitter. But to make everything perfect, a call from somebody that makes me smile tops the bill. I wont lie it almost made me dance on the street . . . almost. I can't wait to see you soon.

Although some Menswear collections showed yesterday for Mercedes Benz New York fashion week, today is the official day that the craziness begins and I can't wait for it all.

In today's editorial, we have Renaissance Men for the latest issue of Essential Homme. Simone Nobili, Cris Grib, Riccardo Mora, Alessandro Mele, Fabio Mancini, and Samuele Visentin grazes the pages of the magazine with great Fall/Winter fashions styled by Guiseppe Ceccarelli. Italian fashion photographer Giovanni Squatriti shot the beautiful editorial.

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