Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Told You So - Bastiaan Van Gaalen by Roman Goebel

What an eventful holiday weekend that constituted of eating great food, having drinks among friends, and games. Oh yeah, and a lot of spending time under the Sun. Another short week at work then New York Fashion Week! I'm so excited and looking forward to see some of my favorite New York Designer's collection and hang out with New York/ES as well.

Two of my really good friends thought it was a bad idea for me to even see, let alone accept New York/ES's offer to stay with New York/ES's apartment.  Honestly, one, it would be completely unavoidable because we will be working among each other and, two, I'm always up for saving some money. Why not. Morever, I guess if this ends up badly, atleast they could say "I told you so!"

Happy Hump Day, I can't quite believe it's already Wednesday!

In today's editorial we have the break out model of late, Bastiaan Van Gaalen for Tush Magazine. Roman Goebel photographed Van Gaalen wearing pieces by Prada, Dior Homme, Raf Simons and Burberry Prorsum to name a few. The shoot was styled by Ingo Nahrwold.

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