Thursday, September 9, 2010

Trend Thursdays: Knits as outerwear

John Varvatos F/W 2010-11

It is undeniable, folks. Fall is knocking on our door. So time to put away those shorts and get ready for some cooler weather. Again, like it makes any difference for us San Franciscans besides the fact that we are experiencing Indian Summer, or so they say it has been steadily getting cooler.
La Maison Simmons
The featured trend this week is already quite expected to be seen this fall, knitwear. Of course we will have the scarfs and head wear but another form of knitwear that will be joining the ranks of the usuals will be the oversize knit sweaters or sweater coats. An oversize cardigan/sweater has always been a must-have for any woman but in the recent years more mens wear designers had been incorporating this look in their collection without sacrificing the essence of masculinity.  A chunky knit overcoat can look sleek when layered properly and do not go overboard with the colors. I would suggest to keep it neutral and sophisticated. I understand that there are days that it is not that cold, granted that we still live in California varying the thickness and applying the trend to where you live is always a smart notion to keep in mind.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

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Joseph Turvey said...

awesome blog!

Ginger said...

love the post! have you seen the sartorialist's photo of milan vukmirovic wearing a belted cardigan? it's sheer perfection in the knits as outerwear category!