Saturday, September 4, 2010


I know that this blog is something that I would do as a hobby or what not. Yes it takes time to research the stuff that I want to blog about but that's actually what I do now, research. For the most part its not that hard but with the whole youtube and copyright issues, It is pretty hard to find the runway videos that still has the original soundtrack intact. I mean people take time to put on the show. Its a package and fashion and music has always gone hand in hand and I don't think one or the other can stand alone. The people who post the videos, sometimes, would replace the soundtrack to their liking which is fine but some of these guys have just horrible taste in music, I'm sorry. It'll be like watching Les Miserables with the Wicked soundtrack. individually they're good but not together. I would love to put up more of the fall/winter collection (i.e. Versace, D&G, Mcqueen which put on some amazing shows) but I feel like if I have to take this seriously I need to start posting the spring/summer collection soon (Fashion week kicked off last June). NY fashion week is just around the corner and even though it's mostly Women's fashion (which I appreciate but completely clueless about) might as well start then.


RRRaul said...

Actually, NY fashion week is men's and women's.

EL Marcus said...

Thank you for commenting Raul :) Its just NY fashion week is mostly known for womens wear and the mens wear usually takes a backseat in the festivities.