Saturday, September 11, 2010

All-American: Commonwealth Utilities Fall/Winter 2010-11

Anthony Keegan, who is the mastermind for the American brand Commonwealth Utilities along with his business partner Richard Christainsen, showcased a military inspired collection, gathering inspiration from An Officer and A Gentleman that literally opened and closed the show. This will be the first American collection that I'll be featuring for my blog and, boy, after watching European designers I could tell the difference between the two. Granted that Keegan studied in London and mentored with European and American designers, the cuts of the suits and the design of each piece has this certain Je ne sais quoi  that screams Americana. I love the suits, and the knits were great, the asymmetrical top coat/ hockey sweater piece was just plain cool. It was interesting that long johns was played into the mix that gave a very raw masculinity air to the collection. I also liked the two tone skinny ties matched with the blazer and tuxedo-striped straight jeans. According to an interview with Keegan, his main purpose for his designs was for a man to be able to dress it up or down, which was my philosophy with my clothes as well. So if I show up for the New Years Eve party dressed in the tuxedo/ black hightop sneakers ensemble (maybe from CW utilities :)) do not act so surprised.

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