Thursday, September 2, 2010

Giving my jeans a break

Zara fall/autmn 2010
These days you can rock some really nice jeans and dress it up but no matter how nice they are it can only go so far. So I like to mix it up with some dress pants once in a while. You don't have to spend a ton of money for some stylish fall-over-and-it'll-cut-your leg sharpness look. Hey, if that's how you roll then more power to ya. For the rest of us, observe and innovate is the name of the game. what I've noticed has been happening is that every time I dress up, people ask me, "omg do you like madmen?" Umm no. I personally don't understand that question. Sure the show has (somehow) revived the "dapper" look back to mainstream but people have been dressing up in cotton pants, dress shirts and skinny ties and thick rimmed glasses even before the show.     

Kai-Aakmann Summer 2010
Another look that has been grazing the runways are what they call harem pants. You might have seen them on from the black eyed peas or some Japanese boy who thinks he's an anime character. I personally have mix feelings about this pants because of its lack of lines and form. On the other hand, when I saw an editorial about Kai-Aakmann, a seasonless, genderless line based in south Korea, it made do a double take. It didn't help that my "members only" shopping website offered these pants for bargain prices. Granted I can get away wearing these within the city limits but then again some of my clothes I only wear when I'm in the city. Sad but true.  

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