Sunday, September 5, 2010

Holy Jesus!!! Givenchy FW 2010/2011 (The Crown of Thorns)

As I go through the Spring/Summer 2011 collections, here is something to appease the wait. I can't possibly forget to mention my love for a handsome necklace and Tisci delivered. For Givenchy's fall/winter collection, Ricardo Tisci the chief designer for the brand was not the first designer to use religious symbols for their show and something tells me he wont be the last either. The whole collection itself mimicked priests' garb from the white shirts and black trousers to the oversize hooded jackets and of course, those sandals (Really?! For fall?!?!). Even going as far to have a t-shirt with Jesus is Lord printed on it. Let's not forget about the Ave Maria playing oh-so solemnly in the background, classic! But to my opinion the highlight of the show was those golden crown of thorns necklaces. I think they look great. I don't really know where I would wear a necklace like that but I'm pretty sure I can find an event. I just dont know if the conservative right-wingers and religious zealots of our country would accept such item with wide open arms like their lord.

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RRRaul said...

I want those sandals!!