Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Remember You But Not The Feeling - Simone Bredariol by Jay Schoen

I don't know why it's been but I find myself reconnecting with people from my past. It's a little refreshing and weird at the same time. It's great because catching up with somebody that you cared for dearly in the past is interesting to me. It's like getting to know them all over again. Most of the time we don't really stay the same. We grow or regress depending on the situation. But I think no matter what, bottom line, they are your exes for a reason or the other. We reminisce over the "good ol' days" and for a second it is fun. Then I try to remember how it felt when I was my younger self. Nothing.

I remember the person but I don't remember the feeling anymore. Must be a sign that I'm happy with the Bubs.

Also, my thoughts are with the friends and family who are affected by the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday.

In today's editorial post, we have Simone Bredariol as photographed by Jay Schoen for David magazine. Ivan Rasic styles Simone in easy spring pieces with what appears to be a warm-looking bachelor's pad as a backdrop. Contemplating . . . or something.

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