Saturday, April 27, 2013

Young & Beautiful - Marlon Teixeira by Lope Nova

I think that sometimes it surprises me of the things that the Bubs and I talk about. Usually we talk about the most mundane things like celebrity sex tapes, the people that are persistent and pursuing us and our semi-normal life. Then the Bubs asked me, "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?" Of course, I found out that it was from a Lana Del Rey song but this is deep like any of her thought-provoking songs. I think that our society is so obsessed with youth that it's crazy. Working in the fashion industry, I get to see it with a front row seat. The Bubs and I work in a profession that there will always be somebody younger and more beautiful than us, and we're not even barely in our mid-life! No wonder I have this unexplainable fear of aging!

I have in the past shied away from suitors that are older than me because I always thought that we wont have anything in common. So, that's why it amazes me to find couples that have more than ten years their senior. I guess my parents had quite an age gap between them but I just thought that standards were just different back then. But hey they're doing something right since they're still together.

So, back to the subject of love, yes I will still love the Bubs even we're no longer young and beautiful. That's the vow we took and that's the vow I'll keep.

Happy Weekend!

We close of the week with a cover story that appears on the newest issue of L'Officiel Hommes Korea with Brazilian super model, Marlon Teixeira. Marlon is photographed by Lope Nova with great denim fashion looks styled by SunYoung Lee. The coverstory features the beautiful beaches of Rio as the backdrop. In exactly a month, I will be there, maybe at the exact same beach too. 

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