Thursday, April 18, 2013

Put A Lid On It - Baptiste Giabiconi by Jack Waterlot

There are people who I know who are just like this. I don't know if they can't help themselves or something else. People who complain a lot. I mean of course I get frustrated too. Especially now that I'm doing a carb depleting regiment, I have to be extra cautious of my emotions. What I hate is when I'm at my workplace and somebody I work with starts complaining about some mundane problem that they have. One, I'm not your friend. Two, it's very unprofessional to talk to me about this. Three, hire a therapist. I have one and I don't even have issues . . . or do I?  Worse comes to worst get a boyfriend/girlfriend they might actually have the time to listen to you. Regardless, I'm at work because I'm there to work and not to coddle people. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if this happens once in a while but it's becoming a regular occurrence. Sometime at some point I have to say (civilly) I've had it, put a lid on it because I'm actually trying to work here.

The End.

In today's editorial post we have Lagerfeld's muse Baptiste Giabiconi as he appears on the newest issue of Dsection magazine. Jack Waterlot photographs Giabiconi with New York as a backdrop. Andrew Holden puts together Sartorial looks including pieces by John Varvatos, Dior Homme, Emporio Armani and Billy Reid to name a few. I personally love those big rimmed fedoras.

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