Friday, April 12, 2013

The Better Half - Simone Nobili by Jay Schoen

I would totally agree that, that would be . . . not me. Yesterday, I was on a fender bender, minus the bend on the fender. This lady rear ended my poor car on my way to work. Honestly there was no damage on my car, then again my car's white so I couldn't tell. I was more worried about if I got a whiplash from it. The problem was she didn't have physical proof of insurance, which pissed me off. We got in a shouting argument and I called 911 because I didn't wanted to argue. Honestly I knew she would get a ticket. But after calling the bubs (yes, it was an emergency). The bubs provided some needed clarity. Calmed me down, no harm done so why get her in trouble. Karma. Humility should be practiced. I'm a hard-head but I do listen to the person that I love and respect and couldn't wait to spend my entire life with.

I've said this before, the Bubs balance me out. Definitely my better half.

Well fashionistos and fashionistas have an amazing weekend! Be kind to one another!

We close the week with this Givenchy editorial that appeared on the latest issue of The Fashionisto magazine. Simone Nobili was photographed by Jay Schoen wearing Spring/Summer 2013 offering by Tisci. Fashion Editor, Demetrio Baffa Trasci Amalfitani styled Nobili with some of my top picks from the collection.

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