Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Family - Grayson Gettys, Ben Lark & Ian by Christian Ferretti

As someone once told me, as adults, we get to choose our own family. I've been fortunate enough to be born in a family that I adore and adores me back. No matter how I think I'm independent and having such great friends all over. To have the love of one person that means the world to me. I still find myself fall back to the ones that loved me from the beginning, no matter what. Of course, I'm not saying that my family is perfect but whose is, right?

This weekend is just one testament that I should really never take everything for granted and how lucky I am to live the life I'm living. Thanks to my friends, my brother and my sister and their significant others, my three beautiful nieces, the Bubs, and last but not the least my father and my mother. I couldn't ask for better parents. Especially when my father uttered two words in how he referes to the Bubs. It almost made me cry.

It only makes sense that they welcome the Bubs when they knew this person is the right person for me. One fact about me, I'm not one of those people that lets every single person I date meet my parents, regardless of longevity. So in the recent history, there were only two counting the Bubs. The other one is just a fluke. No offense if you're reading this.

Eventhough yesterday is a "usual" Monday. I'm being optimistic that the week will look up. Crossing my fingers.

In today's editorial post, we have quite a dark family living in Suburbia. The Yes! We Will Come Round For Tea appears on the latest Hero magazine issue. Grayson Gettys, Ben Lark, and Ian sport edgy fashion and are watched over by their stern and very fashionable mother, played  by Karen Bjornson. The story is photographed by Christian Ferretti and styled by Gro Curtis.

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