Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Cat Is Out of My Jack Spade Bag - Matt Ardell by Christian Ferretti

Hopefully my fashionistos and fashionistas had a great week and for my fellow Americans had a great Thanksgiving. I'm, personally, glad that I didn't gauge myself with food and rendered myself helplessly on the couch succumbing to food induced coma. For most of us it was not just one dinner or lunch but a marathon of eating for a couple of days, on my case. I also didn't partake with the craziness that was called Black Friday. The lines and the chaos of it all never appealed to me. No matter how cheap the merchandise got. Besides most of the time I would go do my Christmas shopping a couple of days later and they would still have the same things that they had from Black Friday.

I spent Thanksgiving day with the family and the day after with friends. One of my really good friends shared his tradition with us which was tree ornaments with our names and we pick a word that spoke to us from another set of ornaments. I chose reconciliation. Eventhough the gravity of the word was not as intense as New York/ES getting back together. It spoke greatly of what transpired the week I was in New York.

Have a great weekend Everyone!

We close this week with an editorial that appeared on the latest issue of Hero magazine. Matt Ardell was photographed by Christian Ferretti and styled Gro Curtis. The cover story featured some beautiful and haunting images with some great dramatic pieces to match the mood. Eventhough it has only 8 issues under its belt, Hero has been a favorite magazine of mine. 

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