Monday, November 5, 2012

Runway Monday: Never Dull Your Shine For Anybody - Versace Spring/Summer 2013 Review

I know I live in California but it was too damn warm yesterday. Perfect beach day, thing is, it just turned November for pete's sake! I shuffled my coats and jackets to the back of my walk-in closet because there was no point to have them to where I might see them. On another note, I realized that I bought a new pair of Givenchy sneakers during San Francisco Fashion Week that I have forgotten. I've only worn them twice. So, that was a good thing.

To my fellow Americans, DO NOT I repeat! DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE! If you haven't already. Okay that's how far I'm going to be political on a Monday. 

In today's runway review we have Versace! I know how Donatella had always loved the glory days of the brand A.K.A the 90's. We've seen it resurrected from the previous couple of collections. So it was refreshing a slightly more modern offerings for Spring/Summer 2013. The collection was still flamboyant but gone were the crazy embellished gold chains and pins, replaced by rather wearable pieces. Eventhough the collection evoked a rather 80's/Miami Vice meets the Gladiators feel to the collection it remained somewhat modern. The color story included a gamut of colors from black to hot pink. The collection also featured cut outs and metallics that gave the collection an airy but rich texture. I love the exaggerated shoulders on the sleeves blazers. Sure, it probably meant more time pumping those arms at the gym but I absolutely adore them. The printed pieces were great as well. I mean, what's a Versace collection without prints! The accessories were luxe and some kind of great. I absolutely love the across the body strap/wallet piece and the metallic handbags. I didn't really responded well with the robe-like outerwear nor the silk pieces. For some reason they reminded me of the Hef (Hugh Hefner). The gladiator sandals were great show pieces but I would probably cringe if I see them on the street. Overall, I commend Donatella and her atelier for moving the house forward without losing what made Versace, well, Versace.

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