Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holidaze - Florian Neuville by Bryan Huynh

Now that all the Thanksgiving "festivities" are over. It is time to get ready for the holiday festivities. I will probably start my Christmas shopping this week. My biggest priority is to find the perfect gifts for my three nieces, the most important kids in my life right now. Then something for New York/E.S. something I can send out easily. For some reason the hardest people to shop for are the ones I date. The easiest one I can think about would be tickets to see me here in San Francisco, honestly. BUT that's more like a gift for me than for New York/E.S., not like I have a problem with that. I know most of y'all are probably having a hard time going back to work this week after the long holiday weekend but hey, I just can't believe it's almost December. Where did time go, especially after Summer.

For today's post we have new comer, Florian Neuville, as he grazes the pages of the third issue of SID magazine. The great editorial is photographed by Bryan Huynh and styled by Yu-Jen Wang. I love the bold pieces that are relevant and actually goes with the whole aesthetic of the editorial. The only comment I had is that on some pictures his eyes look "dead" I would like to see some intensity on them especially the last photograph. But the editorial is great nonetheless.

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