Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Not Moving To Canada, Afterall - Adam Merks by Bjorn Jonas

And my candidate won, So I'm not moving to Canada afterall. The bad thing about last night was the fact I know that losing does not feel good. So I take every comment against me . . . well personally. Especially this lady who had three degrees AND three closed down stores and blamed it on the Obama administration and my happiness against me. It's like the previous episode of Amercia's Next Top Model all over again! I have one degree and a masters and the last time I checked, I was just fine. SO, were those more of poor personal choices than the administration and my comment? I don't know. I had to turn off ALL my social media outlets after a moment to avoid getting too riled up. Now that I'm an adult and politics was never more important to me, making the right choices for me and the overall well being of everybody I cared about would be more important to me than a stranger that I don't know that existed till last night. Bottom line, we are the makers of our demise. I know it would be so easy blame somebody but hey to each our own.

Honestly, somebody would win and somebody would lose. That's the reality.

I just feel sad that since you lost you think you're oppressed. One, I'm not white. So none of those race privileges non-sense.  Two, I'm a tax paying American too. Your hardship would be my hardship as well. Enough of that! I'm not my father, I'm not the 1%, ugh so annoying! But I digress, THIS is a fashion blog afterall. blue or red WE are America.

Le sigh, that's the end of my political rant. It would be probably longer if Obama lost.

For today's editorial post we have Adam Merks for Maison Martin Margiela for H&M lookbook for Highsnobiety. The lookbook was photographed by Bjorn Jonas. Christof Post styled Adam Merks with  coveted pieces from the MMM for H&M collection.

Happy Hum Day my fashionistos and fashionistas! and congratulations to President Barrack Obama!

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