Monday, November 19, 2012

Runway Monday: But It's All Worth It - 3.1 Philip Lim Spring/Summer 2013 Review

This would be a really quick post since I wanted to take the night to "collect" myself before going back to work today. It would one of those short-long weeks. Yesterday kicked my butte! Eventhough I flew first class, so I could truly relax on the flight and preempting a trying day. It still wasn't enough. I was on my bed at 7:30 pm feeling a little sick to add to the physical and emotional exhaustion from the trip. Then again, New York/ES had the notion that I was having withdrawals. Probably, maybe, I'll humor that idea.

About that, my trip to New York was just what I needed. The first time in a long while that I didn't have to wake up super early to get to shows or have the whole day booked and all that I do would be revolving fashion week events. It was so refreshing to wear "semi-normal" clothes and not "look who I'm wearing" pieces. Not to mention COAT WEATHER. We actually did things on the fly and change our minds when we thought of something else to do. It was the freedom that I loved. I actually jogged at New York/ES's neighborhood, It felt like I was a local. Ha! But my trip was not all liesure I made sure to be part of two relief events benefiting those who were affected by super storm Sandy. The CFDA's fashion for Sandy Relief event and actually volunteering to do well . . . whatever needed to be done in Longbeach, NY.

It felt good.

In today's post we have a brand that I love but yet with its aesthetic I always shied away from. Philip Lim's offering for Spring/Summer 2013 was too good to be ignored. I loved that minimalist element of the collection. But that was not saying that the collection was boring. It had a great deal on whimsy but it was all from the details on the rather very Americana pieces. It was somewhat preppy yet not stuffy but rather a very cool collective breath to it. The color story remained on the basics side with a touch of gold leafs and slight baroque embroidery but a lot less jarring compared to the Dolce & Gabbana collection. I must admit not one of strongest and impressionable collection but I loved it. The reason that I loved the collection was because of the accessories in it. I love the sunglasses and of course those bags were just to die for. I'm still coveting that one 3.1 Philip Lim from a earlier this year. I didn't really liked the striped pants because for one thing striped pants are just hard to pull off in the real world. Overall the collection featured some great pieces like the gold leafed jackets with some misses like the striped pants and those motorcycle/"bondage" pants (yikes) for me. To me, they felt over designed.  The simpler the piece the more I loved it and the more they feel more coveted. By the way, the styling for this show was just superb.

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