Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trend Thursdays: Don't Touch My Weave!!!

Gilded Age S/S 2011
Okay, I know we saw a few weaves in last year's Spring/Summer shows (i.e. the basket weave sweater from the Dolce & Gabbana show? I love that one!) but more importantly we saw a few of these piece as well. I'm talking about the woven belt. I think the first time I saw this trend in the past was on my very stylish Aunt (who now lives in Italy). I believe she has sparked my interest to pursue looking dapper at all times at an early age, as she did. Back to the belt . . . most of the time a general rule of thumb is that you USUALLY match your belt to the color of your shoes, but with with a woven belt, you don't have to.  Another handsome aspect of the belt is that it gives you a laid back, "I know what I'm doing" je ne sais quoi to your outfit. Get it a little bigger so you can loop it around as a finishing touch. And while I was researching for this piece a famous men's magazine actually said, "buy it bigger so you don't have to worry if your waistline expands." That made me laugh but sad at the same time. FYI, I am aware that some of the pictures below are rather sub par but if you follow the links for these belts you can zoom in on them and see the detail especially the Kris Van Assche one.

Here are some of my suggestions:

Links to where to get them:
Gilded AgeLanvinRalph LaurenZara, H&M is available at an H&M store near you, Kris Van Assche.

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