Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Thread Show and Kir Royale Sunday Funday

SF Thread Show 2011
To most people I know, Sundays are known as Sunday Funday but to me its called work since I'm usually scheduled to work on Sundays . . . regardless two days ago, was a lot of fun. I knew I wanted to check out the thread show and invited my designer friend, Michael Estrada (that's right! Watch out ladies!). Of course, to start the day off why not stop to grab brunch! Knowing that most popular places were packed on Sundays. I suggested to go to my usual Sunday brunch place, Harvey's. So after some liquid brunch we headed to the fashion event of the day. The Thread Show. The Thread Show is a symposium  (well not really) featuring local designers and up coming fashion movers and shakers. The event was held in downtown San Francisco's The Metreon. Of course, I had to check out the styling competition that I respectfully declined because women's wear was the main focal point of the whole contest (but later found out that there was men's wear as well). My fb friend and fellow blogger Cyn Sugar of Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips took it home and won! Congratulations Miss!

Model Blocks for the styling competition
While going to each vendor and expecting what they had to offer I found it interesting to go through pieces with my designer friend. Is it me, or they are very critical,  (and I quote, "those are ironed on and therefore not couture")  but I love that You learn new things as well. One of the exhibitors that caught my attention was the Naked Suits' table, a company based in Berkeley. Well to be honest I didn't really spot any men's wear tables besides the ready to wear pieces that I already see in retail stores. The interesting aspects of the said custom made suits that the company claims that they were weather proof, spill resistant and breathable as well. I didn't really get a chance to try it on but I took their word for it and I'm sure I'm gonna run into the founders soon enough.  
The Naked Suits "table"
Picture by Owen Geronimo, Thanks!!!

If you're hungry for more pictures from the event, you can check out the SFFAMA website, here.

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