Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Till The Fat Lady Sings - Fashion Feud Final Round

Fashion Feud @ Rickshaw Stop

Ugh! Thanks to the five hour sleep that I had the night before and the full day of work, I was in the mercy of my iPhone camera for last night's event . . . forgot my camera at home, sad face. Fashion Feud: The final round held at Rickshaw Stop. It determined the best of the best from the three rounds prior to last night's event. I wasn't able to attend the first three and made sure to attend the final round. Surprisingly I had fun! The competition was basically a live Project Runway where the designers were given an hour to make something from fabrics that was revealed on the beginning of the show, which was a pink and a printed fabric for last night. Of course, I knew who was the winner, judging from the construction and wearability of the design. It was no other than, Crystal Hermann. Her design was simple but very current and construction wise was impeccable. The color blocking effect was great. The other designers was Krysztina Lazar who made a pink dress with little sass. And there was Sally Marie Hahn which I thought design wise was the winner but execution due to time constraint or what not lost (probably?). The short/skirt (skort?!) was pretty cool but the top sort of fell apart. The front sort of looked like a baby's bib with a very interesting back. Now to the pretty models. Okay I am not sure of her name, but Hermann's model had this beautiful fro going on at the beginning of the competition which was ruined by the hairstylist, by putting it on a weird bun. I was not the only one who thought that the bun looked well rather stupid, dated and just a step back really. It didn't really do anything to help the look. Sorry for stepping on toes but I have to be honest. The other two models' hair were a bit ghastly as well.  But hey I know men and men's fashion, what do I know, really?!

The Winning Look

AND to close this post, how can I forget, whom I thought were the fashionable men at the event. I'm pretty bummed out that I didn't get to rock my Thom Browne inspired outfit, thanks to SF's bipolar weather. I was literally being blown away by the wind, wearing shorts wouldn't be a good idea. Regardless, here are they:

This is Josh, wearing pieces from Topman (which always commendable to know), H&M, Uniqlo etc. to keep it short he knows his sh*t. Simple but understatedly fashionable. I adore the ascot!

Second, this is "soft" I thought I have to commend him for being an individual. According to his friend almost everything he wears was made or "revisualized" by him. He was wearing the shorts and the knee high socks look that I was gonna wear.

and last but not the least, Mark (or Marc) whom didn't know who he was wearing (thanks to his gf/sister/lady friend? perhaps, "check the tag" always a sound advice). I thought his look; shirt by 7 diamond,  the hat and the Varvatos Converse was pretty stylish.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at the event, was it because of the great Gimlet (shout out to our amazing bartender, forgot your name)? Je ne sais pas! Till the next event! See you tomorrow, my fashionistos and fashionistas!

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