Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day Like Today - Marcus Hauge by Brent Chua

I don't usually complain about my living situation because of the many things that I love with my house. One, my walk-in closet/study area is as big as somebody's room in San Francisco or Manhattan. Two, the house itself is big enough that I don't even see my housemates in a regular basis thanks to the multi-level layout of the hill house I'm living. Three, well it's a nice neighborhood. But what can I complain about, oh yeah! How about the internet not working when I need it. Eventhough I love my iPad and my iPhone I would prefer to actually use my Mac when I'm answering emails or when I'm working at home.

I know hashtag first world problems but the reality is, our generation wouldn't be able to function without technology. I could barely stay away from my phone for more than a few hours. I mean I don't post selfies every twenty minutes or have a nervous breakdown and tweet it but I have to check my social media apps to see what's happening. Plugged in or connected, you decide.

In today's editorial we have Norwegian model Marcus Hauge as photographed and styled by the talented, Brent Chua. The predominantly white fashion story appears on the new issue of Lone Wolf magazine. Chua styles Hauge in pieces by Givenchy, Louis Vuitton,  Bottega Veneta and underwear by Emporio Armani.

. . . and Happy Birthday to Riccardo Tisci!

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