Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Way Or . . . - Adam Senn & Dmitriy Tanner by Jack Waterlot

I think sometimes people tend to think of me a certain way because of my profession, how I grew up, my education or how I dress. May that be in a negative or positive light. Most of the time I just shrug it off but sometimes a little tongue lashing is needed. Sometimes. I love proving people wrong and show them who's boss. Sure, I know I'm not the most good looking guy nor am I the smartest tool in the shed but I know what my mama gave me and I know how to use it. Call that confidence or aloof your choice. I call 'em advantages.

Bottom line, I make people see my way. More or less. (wink wink nudge nudge).

Happy Hump Day my fashionistos and fashionistas!

In today's editorial post we have top models, Adam Senn and Dmitriy Tanner as photographed by Jack Waterlot for the newest issue of Apollo Novo. Stylist, Andrew Holden puts together eclectic looks featuring  Fall/Winter pieces by Michael Bastian, Dries Van Noten, Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen to name a few.

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