Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Don't Pop Molly I Rock Tom Ford - Igor Stepanov by Hyuna Shin

The funny thing about the whole three hour difference from New York to here in San Francisco, I don't get to sleep in on weekends. I wake up bright and early for my Saturday Skype session with the Bubs. No matter how late early I get in when I go out with my people the night before. But one thing I can never get over is seeing my poor shoes the next day. I guess that's one sign that it's a fun night . . . or I just got trampled by a human stampede on the dance floor. The life of the young and care free. We only live once.

BTWs I'm totally obsessing with Jay Z's new album, Magna Carta . . .  Holy Grail. Oh yeah he was in town with Justin Timberlake last night.

Have a great weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas!

We close the week with an editorial that appears on the latest issue of Arena Homme Korea. Hyuna Shin photographs Re:Quest model Igor Stepanov with this Punk inspired shoot styled by Fredo Montes. Living for that black and white picture with the leather hat. We need more editorials like this in the US. 

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