Saturday, August 10, 2013

Socially Challenged - Eric Ramos & Nadav Heyman by Lacey

There's this "thing" that everybody should follow but most people do not. Social etiquette. Of course, I don't really expect everybody to be proper and all but I expect everybody to catch on social queues. I mean it's not that hard. A little bit of social skills and a dash of common sense. Viola! You are set. but I guess sometimes, even that is like reaching for the stars. I know, I know a perfect utopia is not San Francisco. I just have to tilt my head to the side and smile. Just smile.

Happy weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas.

We close off the week with a gravity defying editorial that appears on the September issue of Details magazine. The editorial features Eric Ramos and Nadav Heyman as photographed by Lacey. Eugene Tong styles the boys in cool, colored suitings by Dries Van Noten, Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown, Lanvin, and Prada to name a few.

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