Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pieces - Arran Sly by Damien Blottiere

You don't have to point out that most of the time sometimes I can be a smart ass. Most of the time I'm just kidding but there are times when people just tend to get to me. My pet peeves might be as long as my wish list/buy list of Givenchy pieces. Of course, most of the time I just throw a side-eye shrug it off.  Come on, I'm a realist I know how to conduct myself in public. I did go to a private school where Manners and Etiquete is an actual class. So on a recent conversation with people, they can't quite wrap their heads on the fact that I don't bend backwards for anybody. 

Truthfully, I would rather have people be upfront rather than tiptoeing around me. I don't like wasting time. Life is too short.

We open the week with this great editorial that appears on the fourth issue of Dust magazine. Damien Blottiere photographs Arran Sly with his famous origami of images/collage style editorials featuring Fall/Winter 2013-14 pieces by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. 

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