Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Is It The Weekend Yet? - Janice Fronimakis by Greg Swales

I know I had been M.I.A. lately but to be fair, I'm really, REALLY busy lately. I had a few social responsibilities over the weekend and work has been hectic as well. But I guess it was to expected with the recent trade shows. I was secretly relieved that I was not the one being sent to the Vegas trade shows. Alright I had to admit I wanted to go but I had not fully recovered from my trip to New York and for the lack of better way to put it, I was exhausted.

This week as scheduled would be hectic as well. The only consolation price would be that I get to see the bubs this thursday in Los Angeles. I haven't gone down to socal in a hot minute. So I'm quite excited. Eventhough the weather here in San Francisco has been super nice. It was still chilly at times. So I'm looking forward to warm weather even it would only be for the weekend.

The editorial today appeared on the sixth issue of Idol magazine and featured PMA model Janice Fronimakis. The project was shot by Greg Swales and styled by Ryan Davis. The editorial featured great pieces by one of my favorite New York designer, Marlon Gobel, also Michael Bastian, Thom Browne and Robert Cavali to name a few.

I know that this editorial was shot at Palm Springs, It makes me excited a little bit of my jet setting trip to L.A.

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